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Pianos for sale,

Used pianos are warranted for one-year parts and labor. Delivery in the Durant, Sherman/Denison area is included in the sale price. Pianos are tuned in our shop the day of delivery and a "brush up" tuning of unisons is provided at no extra cost once the instrument is set in the home.

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There are a couple of steps to follow so that you can find the best used or vintage piano for your family.

Realize the value in buying a used piano. Used pianos in good condition can operate as well as new and last many years. When you purchase a used piano, you won't lose value from depreciation.

Know the sizes and models of pianos. They differ in height but the footprint is about the same for uprights. The width of grands is approximately the same as uprights.

  • Spinits - approximately 36"
  • Consoles - approximately 40"
  • Studios - approximately 45"
  • Professional - approximately 50"
  • Good old upright - approximately 54"

  • Petite Grand - approximately 4'6"
  • Baby Grand - approximately 5'
  • Parlor Grand - approximately 6'
  • Performance Grand - approximately 7'
  • Concert Series - approximately 9' 

  • Third: 
    Know what you are buying and GET A WARRANTY! If you don't, have the piano checked out by a technician. We offer on-site inspections for a nominal fee. 

    Buy from someone who offers a complete product including a bench, delivery, in-home tuning, and a warranty. The expertise of a piano-rebuilding shop can be invaluable when buying a piano.

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